Leki Stealth S Skiing Poles

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The trendy new-school pole designs also include a blacked out rat-rod look. The sturdy 16 mm shafts are made of an aluminum alloy of high tensile strength. In the New School ‰ÛÒ Freestyle scene safety is only a minor aspect ‰ÛÒ what is much more important: with the Trigger S system holding a grab works smoother than ever before with the extra benefit of having your poles in perfect position at every time.

Series UnisexåÊ
Construction Fixed Length
Grip Trigger S (All Mountain - Slalom)
Strap Trigger S (Vario)
Segments 1-piece
Shaft Diameter 16 mm
Shaft Material Aluminium (HTS 6.5)
Basket Touring | Backcountry (Big Mountain)
Tip Carbide Tip
Length/Size 110 - 135 cmåÊin 5cm steps
Weight 260 grams / poleåÊat a length of 120 cm