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2XU Men's Compression Shorts

2XU Men's Compression Shorts


  • $ 79.95

Black/Nero / L

Wear these 2XU Compression Shorts as a secret weapon under your shorts to support the major upper leg muscles, reducing muscle vibration and improving alignment to protect against damage and fatigue.





  • OPTIMAL COMPRESSION SUPPORT: Medical Circular 70 Denier knit construction for 360 degree consistent yet powerful pressure | Supports and protects glutes, abductors, IT band, quad & hamstring muscles
  • LESS MUSCLE DAMAGE & SORENESS: Muscle containment for reduced vibration & oscillation, less muscle fatigue & damage | Reduces DOMS for less muscle swelling and soreness
  • MORE POWER: Improved muscle alignment for increased power & endurance
  • SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY: Invista LYCRAÌÄå´Ìâå¬ for Certified Gradient Compression | Antibacterial & SPF 50 Sun protection | Breathable & Lightweight
  • ACTIVE USE: Training & Competition, Aerobic Sports, Running/Walking/Cycling, Gym & Fitness, General Sports, Paddle & Water Sports, Climbing & Hiking

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